All about the Stripes


Pants – Reformation

Let’s talk about sex, baby…let’s talk about you and me! Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about… errrrk! Remix!

Let’s talk about STRIPES! One of my favorite patterns of all time and I don’t think I need to explain why. Horizontal, vertical, black, white and in the latest case, blue! These pants from Reformation are a dream. I usually pick a safe color pattern when it comes to trousers but I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and got these blue electric beauties (don’t those light blue lines just pop?!). High-waist… amazing! Straight leg…fabulous! The straight leg is a new jean silhouette for me but I have to say it is an incredible introduction. These are a definite favorite item PLUS Beetlejuice has nothin’ on these stripe vibes, y’all!

I will tell you one thing about stripes though. They will snitch on you and that food baby in a minute!! But don’t let a little thing like that stop you from snatching up a pair, ok? Live on the edge. LOL

[P.S. the intro was a song by Salt and Pepa but it was remixed in a very popular acapella singing movie that has multiple sequels. Leave a comment below if you know the answer! 🙂 ]

Go Ahead & Re-wear


Top – Equipment

Shorts – Banana Republic

“Oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear!!!” Sound familiar? I think I can safely say we’ve all said it at least once. But is it really true? I wonder if we have a holdover from our youthful pasts where wearing the same top, bottom, outfit was an extreme fashion DON’T. Which then makes us believe we don’t have enough in our closets. I know I used to note when I wore a certain shirt and track how long it would be in between wears. My past rule of thumb would be to put a full week in between wearing that same item…even if it was worn differently. Now, it is not only ok to wear the same thing twice in the same week (ahem, for some the next day), it is encouraged and even documentable via social media. Take this white Equipment shirt dress. I’ve worn it numerous ways and have posted them one time or another on my Instagram. The first time I styled it was with skinny denim and a long black vest but this time I decided ‘why not do something different?’ What do you think of the finished look? Do you all find new ways to wear pieces in your closet so you can wear them again and again?

And for fun, see the different ways I styled this shirt dress below…


Blazer and Bodysuit


Blazer – Mom’s closet

Velvet Bodysuit – Revolve (House of Harlow)

Saturday morning! What’s good, y’all?! Still sleeping, in bed, or drinking coffee? I WISH I was sleeping in but I’m headed out to an early morning event then to run some errands. It’s going to be one of those ‘get sh*t done’ kind of Saturdays, which I am not mad about.

Anyway, enough about my weekend habits. Who else is closely monitoring, by monitoring I mean stalking, any and all news about NYFW? I’m talking live streams, articles, and social media. I’m virtually soaking it all up. So far I’ve taken mental notes of my favorite shows. It’s still early yet but I’ve been gravitating towards the structured and whimsical looks. Two opposites, I know, but I can have polarizing styles at times. Oh, one thing I was excited to see in the Milly presentation (one the list of my favorites) were the ruffles! Ruffle pants, dresses, and skirts…. I love me some ruffles! I can’t wait to see what else the rest of the week turns out.

Let’s talk about how to get staple, key items in your closet without spending a dime. How is this holy grail of style shopping accomplished? Ladies and gents, raid your mom/dad’s closet. I’m serious! Why buy new when you can find pieces that have already been bought and may not be getting the most use? It doesn’t matter if its two or three sizes too large, oversize is in! Take this blazer…that’s right, this was curated from my mom’s and now it’s found a permanent home with me. I’ve worn it countless times and definitely feel like I’ll get many more in especially going into the fall season.

I took it to the max and wore it with a lux velvet bodysuit, cut off shorts and pumps. I’m still in denial about the end of summer…luckily, Texas agrees because we’re still in the high 90’s. So will you all be raiding closets from now on? I want to hear a bunch of yes’s in the comments below because this shopping method is wallet friendly AND style loaded! WIN WIN y’all!

Ruffle Me Up


Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – Banana Republic

Hey, Hi, How you all doing? Sorry for being MIA last week…I was unexpectedly deterred from my normal schedule but I’m back on track now! [Insert bicep curl emoji] I feel like time is flying by. I mean, can you guys believe its September already?! I’m not sure how the year moved so fast.

One thing I am super excited about is Fashion Week Month!!! I’m not going (I wish!) but it’s still something I’m definitely looking forward to. It starts this week and I can’t wait to see which collections catch my eye and which will be my favorite. Eeek!! I just love the new new. However, until the new has made it’s way in, I will stay infatuated with statement sleeves. Drawn, attracted, sucked-in by, whatever you want to call it…I still got it. I mean look at those ruffles! They just speak to me. And stripes…I love me some of those! I paired this top with some very comfy jeans with a personality of its own. I think I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Ok, guys, I’m going to sign off and ice my butt now… cliff’s notes version, I went to spin class! Y’all know what I’m talking about! LOL

Oversize & In-Charge


Button down – Bugatchi via Nordstrom

Denim – Frame via Nordstrom

May the oversize trend never go out of style… Amen! Now that I’ve gotten that prayer out of my mind, let’s talk about the advantages of the trend. Don’t get me wrong I love the fitted style but do fitted clothes help you hide a food baby? I think not! LOL But really, that’s only one of the (main) reasons to love the oversize look. Here are a few others:

-Versatility; wear it as is, tied in the front, loop it through, or simply wear it as the final layer…it all works.

-Temperature control; breezy when temps are high and cozy when temps drop.

-The cool factor; no need for explanation.

-Unrestrained food consumption: Have I already mentioned this? Well, it needs another mention. This one is muy importante!!

And lastly, it’s a style to experiment with and will eventually cycle its way back. So try it out, have some fun, and let me know how you feel about it. Is it a staple for you, an occasional try, or a hard pass?

Statement T.O.P (Totally on Point)


MLM Pillar Top – Revolve

Off the shoulder, puff sleeves and a petite check print…and that’s only the top half of this outfit! Lol. In all seriousness, this MLM top is a statement top for the closet! With an eye catching print and the exaggerated puff sleeves, it was an easy choice to add to cart (and purchase, because we all know we sometimes get stuck on that part… Am I right?) and drape on my body the next chance I could. Finding tops with a whole lot of personality can be a bit of a challenge but luckily I found this one easily on Revolve.

Since the top is the attention grabber, I styled it with a simple yet classic light wash, high waist Current/Elliot jean and white Keds. And of course, no outfit would be complete without accessories, so I topped it off with a nude, felt hat and stunning gold jewelry. So there you have it, I’m a sucker for statement tops with any combination of sleeves, pattern and/or detailing. I’m curious to know, what types of tops do you guys gravitate to? Casual? Statements? Basics? Let me know down below!

Fit, Flare and Polka


Dress: Free People via Nordstrom

Happy Weekend, luvs! I can’t seem to stay away from dresses lately! I have no clue what’s gotten into me. I found this fabulous beauty yesterday when searching for an outfit for one of my dearest friend’s birthday [because I didn’t have anything to wear in my closet already… you know the drill]. I was drawn to this dress because of the non-uniform polka dots and the cut. And this fit and flare dress was even more amazing on. It hugged, flowed and moved in all the right places and I couldn’t have found it at a more perfect time. It made its fabulous debut at dinner and now, on my blog! This will definitely be put on rotation, better believe! Do you all have any pieces in your closet that when you buy it you KNOW will be on repeat for a while?

Lady Floral


Dress: Pretty Little Thing

It is mid-August and for some that means summer time is winding down. Some embrace it and some dread the end of bikini’s and sun-tans. Thankfully, the state of Texas tends to be pretty slow with the transition from Summer to Fall so I’m not breaking out my long sleeves and layering pieces just yet. Instead, I’ll continue to wear my “beat the heat” attire and keep on keepin’ on!

Now, I’m not one to be overly girly with dresses AND florals (I admitted why I don’t prefer dresses on my Instagram. Hint: thigh-rubbing hahaha) but this one was too sassy to resist. With its ruffles and high contrasting colors, I couldn’t say no. I’m not going to lie, I almost felt like a quick breeze would take away my decency and flash the world… ok, more like the street I was on… but I was depending on my trusty undie to protect my “lady floral.”

How about you? Are you excited for fall season or holding out for summertime madness?

{P.S. Trying a different editing look, if you have a minute, tell me what you think about it down in the comments!}